Exercising the Brain – Use it or Lose it.

TechCrunch has an article about Lumosiy, the online brain fitness program. Through a series of web-based games and exercises Lumos Labs claims to improve cognitive brainfunctions like clearer and quicker thinking, better memory for names, numbers, directions, etc., increased alertness and awareness, elevated mood, better concentration at work or while driving.

Of course there are more programs to enhance your cognitive abilities, usually in books. I like Tony Buzan’s “Book of Genius”, which offers a complete program including speed reading and mind mapping. Higbee’s book “Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It” is a great book about mnemonic techniques and Angus Wong’s “Cyborg 101” also has some very good advice.

While the computer can be seen as an extension of our own brain (and the internet as an extension of our whole life), it never hurts to use the computer as a coach! Especially because a computer has a lot more patience than a human teacher and, of course, computers are more fun. So I use 2Know to help me memorizing large numbers, using the Mnemonic Peg system. And PiMemorize for learning pi – what’s a geek without knowing at least 10 digits of Pi after all?.

Lumosity covers it all. And the good thing about Lumosity is that it tracks your progress.

Details of the methodology of Lumosity can be found here.

While Lumosity is free as long as it is beta tested, I signed up for an account. Unfortunately, it won’t stay free forever. TANSTAAFL

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