Redux: a new VST/AU plugin from Renoise

Redux is a performance-oriented sampler and phrase sequencer for Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and other plugin hosts on Windows, OSX and Linux. From what I understand it is still a tracker, like Renoise itself, but instead of working with patterns, it works with phrases, mapped on notes. These notes than can be sequenced in a standard piano roll of a DAW. So basically it is Renoise for other DAWs, like Ableton Live. I think Redux in Ableton will give you the best of two worlds 🙂

From the Renoise Forum:

Redux will be an instrument plugin (VST on Windows, OSX and Linux – Audio Unit on OSX – all in 32 and 64 bit flavors), which brings the sample-mangling and pattern hacking capabilities of Renoise to any DAW which is capable of hosting VST or AU plugins. Redux is NOT intended to be Renoise as a plugin – we have ReWire for that – but it has been developed based on Renoises’s new sampler and phrases to be an instrument. Redux has its own identity, and is more like Renoise’s little brother.

This means that, without resorting to tricks like Rewire, the sample-mangling capabilities of Renoise will soon be available to any DAW, too. We hope this is useful for everyone to try out the Renoise tracking workflow without leaving your favorite DAW, or for Renoise users to bring your Renoise way of composing into other DAWs. Any instruments created in Renoise will be fully compatible with Redux, and vice versa.

Although Redux’s core functionality is more or less complete, we want to give it more time for fine-tuning, and give it some more attention before we release it. Renoise 3, on the other hand, is already ready for beta testing, so we decided to concentrate on the Renoise 3 release first, then we’ll start testing Redux at a later date.

Redux’s price will be around 50 EUR.

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