Making new friends in 2L

In 2L I prefer to hang around at Uvvy Island and Dublin.IÂ like Uvvy because of the transhumanist activities;
almost everyday something has changed in the buildings. I like Dublin because…well I just like it. The only problem is: I almost never see any people there. Last time I was lucky: I saw a guy named A. Logan with a guitar on his back. Being a musician myself with a taste for celtic music I started to talk to him and asked about his guitar. It became an interesting chat; it appeared that we also shared our interest in Tudor Music. Finally he gave me a blue guitar:

Unfortunately it doesn’t make any sounds, but it felt good to walk with a guitar on my back. We decided to visit a concert. I’ve never been to a live gig, at least not in 2L, so we chose one from the event-list and teleported to Smuggler’s Bar.

Wow, that looked cool; I saw people dancing, but I didn’t hear a thing.

Something wrong with my audio, that should be fixed now. My friend learned me that there is also a Venice-sim in 2L. So I visited that place briefly another day, but I didn’t find thee much interesting. Tastes differ.

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  • The Aesthetics and Beauty of Knowledge

    Shih was the opposite of facts and raw information; shih was the elegance of knowledge, the insight and skill to organize knowledge into meaningful patterns. As an artist chooses colours or light to make her pictures, a master of shih chooses textures of knowledge – various ideas, myths, abstractions, and theories – to create a way of seeing the world. The aesthetics and beauty of knowledge – this was shih.

    – David Zindell, The Broken God, 1993

  • Geek Attitude

    The attitude thing is about flexibility, portability, creativity, sociability and jamming (ran out of suitable “ity” words!). It’s about improvising – in the practical and musical senses of the word; not getting tangled in boundaries and the “right” way to do things.
    Definitely the only way to travel.
    Martin Delaney – “Laptop Music”.