IEET conference in Second Life

Friday june, 30 a second virtual conference was held on Uvvy Island. This was also a second opportunity to test the Vivox-software. The guys from Vivox had learned from the first time; things went a lot smoothier and when I entered the conference room in the Space Habitat

it was rather easy to be added to the Vivox Channel.
A few people who didn’t have the Vivox client were able to attend the conference by phone. Of course there was some delay, but it was quite easy to follow the presentations. This time the ppt-slides were much better to read, thanks to the communal whiteboard system of Angrybeth Shortbread.

I made a recording of the presentations held by James Hughes (aka James Sleeper in Second Life) and Giulio Prisco (aka Giulio Perhaps in Second Life). An outline of mr. James Hughes’ presentation is published on my website on transhumanism, because this presentation about the work of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies is more of transhumanist interest.
Giulio started his presentation with a joke (or was he so integrated with the virtual environment that he didn’t notice?):

“(…) so do we have anymore questions?…..
no, I thought I saw someone raising his hand, but it was not the case”.

Raising my hand is still not included in my gestures inventory…:-)

Giulio sketched the future of the metaverse:
Metaverse tomorrow

  • Videorealistic mmog’s
  • Seamless integration of voice
  • Play and work in VR
  • Web 3D VR
  • After that: we transhumanists know

Metaverse next week

  • Every citizen on the planet can be on the web anytime, anywhere, with very high speed wireless connections with brain implants (direct brain to net interface)
  • Instead of “reading a web page”users will enter a 3D fully immersive metaverse with total sensorial stimulation indistinguishable from physical reality.

Real Virtuality:

  • The establishment of tight global transnational virtual communities, held together by a common worldview rather than by geography, will do a lot of good to the world.
  • The formation of global companies, institutes and even political organizations with main headquarters in the Metaverse is not that far

And then he ended with the – where did I hear it before – slogan:

  • Avatars of the world: unite!

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