Geek Love: 10 Reasons to Date a Geek.

Just recycling a post by Harry Mylonadis on “The Next Web“.

With Post Valentine Depression now well behind us, I thought it was time to cheer up and write about something more positive. A few days ago my wife turned to me, while I was brainstorming uber-geeky topics and ideas, and told me “You should write the top 10 reasons why someone should date a geek!”.

I paused for a second and with a puzzled look told her “Well, you tell me what they are…”. I’ve been with my wife for more than 10 years now and I’ve always wondered, why the *blip* did she choose me? What’s so special about me? Doesn’t my geekiness drive her mad?

After a long discussion and a bit of psychoanalysis, we managed to boil it down to the following reasons.

  1. We’re Loyal
  2. We’re Caring
  3. We Don’t Create Problems, We Solve Them
  4. We Like to Listen (even though we may drift away)
  5. We’re Creative
  6. We’ll Search Very Hard for Your Present
  7. We Learn Everything
  8. We Can Adapt
  9. We Are Easy to Please
  10. No Sports Night

It is a funny list, nothing more, nothing less. It is just a list, and geeks like lists, don’t they? I’m not sure if all reasons apply to me, at least some of them need some personal fine-tuning, but others may decide that for me.

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  • The Aesthetics and Beauty of Knowledge

    Shih was the opposite of facts and raw information; shih was the elegance of knowledge, the insight and skill to organize knowledge into meaningful patterns. As an artist chooses colours or light to make her pictures, a master of shih chooses textures of knowledge – various ideas, myths, abstractions, and theories – to create a way of seeing the world. The aesthetics and beauty of knowledge – this was shih.

    – David Zindell, The Broken God, 1993

  • Geek Attitude

    The attitude thing is about flexibility, portability, creativity, sociability and jamming (ran out of suitable “ity” words!). It’s about improvising – in the practical and musical senses of the word; not getting tangled in boundaries and the “right” way to do things.
    Definitely the only way to travel.
    Martin Delaney – “Laptop Music”.