Mobile Notetaking apps

Last month LifeHacker had a High Five about the best Mobile Note Taking Tool. Always interesting.

I think the golden days of my Moleskine notebooks and indexing the information will soon be over 🙁

As expected, Evernote won, with 45,5%. Okay, I use Evernote too, and it’s pretty complete (which also may be a little boring), especially now they have invented The Trunk. Interesting applications from The Trunk that I use are integation with Dial2Do (actually called Voice2Note) and with the Nitro PDF-reader. Since it is a Trunk, there are a lot more applications than you could ever use; e.g. there is also a GTD program: Nozbe. Unfortunately, Nozbe is rather expensive; a free account will offer you almost nothing (unlimited tasks, but only a few contexts. So, to Get my Things Done, I still prefer Remember The Milk. This is completely free, the pro-version – necessary only if you want to use the Android app – costs only $ 25 a year, where Nozbe’s cheapest plan will make your wallet $ 89,95 thinner every year. And – until now Nozbe only has an app for iPhone.

Okay, back to Note Taking: there were also some interesting apps mentioned that were unknown to me: 3banana and Simplenote, both of them (especially 3 banana) worth a try.

I wonder why Diigo has never been mentioned at LifeHacker. It is a real good bookmarking service, that allows you to Blog, MiniBlog and MicroBlog, add sticky notes on the webpage and more, all from a simple bookmarklet (the “Diigolet”) or (if you prefer that) from a toolbar. That is: it is also a kind of note-taking, the mobile app, “Power Note”, allows you to upload text messages, snapshots and images and looks and works better than the Evernote app – IMHO. It also exports your bookmarks to your Delicious-account. Since Evernote can import your Delicious-bookmarks, and Diigo copies your bookmarks automatically to Delicious, it should be great if Evernote and Diigo could talk together, because Diigo and Evernote are both good, but there a few differences. You need them both to have the most complete Note Taking tool, but now you need to update your Delicious to Evernote every now and then.

Note-taking and bookmarking become more and more integrated, but for old fashioned pen-and-paper monotasking Geeks there is still is the Cornell method of notetaking. If you need the TreeWare: here you’ll find some templates.

A new bookmarking tool, with a completely different perspective than other tools, is Historious, that promises full text search and slick quick super-fast bookmarking. No tags, just type in some key-words from the article you are looking for, and historious will find it. Unfortunately, it is also a monotasking application, and above all: not mobile (until now), and that was the topic of this post 🙂

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