Droid X promo

Via: Geek.com

Verizon Wireless unveiled a Droid successor dubbed the Droid X at a New York event last Thursday, the day before the iPhone 4 launch.
The press conference was pretty much smooth sailing except for the Verizon PR staffers rudely preventing a Silicon Valley Insider journalist from filming a size comparison between the Droid X and iPhone 4. The journalists attending the conference were also shown the below promo video highlighting key features of the Droid X, including its 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen in 16:9 format, a 1GHz Texas Instruments processor, a dual-flash eight-megapixel camera with HD capture, 720p playback via HDMI, home electronics syncing with DLNA, the ability to turn the phone into a wireless hotspot for up to five WiFi devices, and more.

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