Cloud Intelligence

Earlier I wrote on Cloud Computing, like Airset, iCloud, EyeOS and Glide) but now we have also Cloud Intelligence.

In the cloud of connections, we each become social neurons, mimicking the biological human brain but on a giant scale. This collective knowledge is far beyond anything a single search engine could index and archive. Intelligence is spreading everywhere, every minute, and cloud computing can draw new links across new ideas. (80+1, 2008) Stephen Downes

There has even been a symposium on Cloud Intelligence:

Welcome to the cloud. Welcome to new the social ecology of the 21st century. Welcome to mobile banking from a New York taxi cab direct to rural Kenya. Welcome to the wild wondrous web of blogs, podcasts, mailing lists and streaming video from camera phones the size of credit cards. All instant and all the time. The world has changed. We have changed.

Audio and video of this conference are also on the web, unfortunately no transcriptions. Slides are at Slideshare. Closely related to the subject is the 80+1 website; inspired by Jules Vernes “Around the World in 80 Days.” (1872)

the 80+1 journey has taken advantage of the latest technologies of our day in order to explore and experience some of the most remote and fascinating locations on our planet; from the ship-wrecking yards of Gadani, Pakistan to the skyscrapers of Dubai to the bustling markets of Bangladesh, and far beyond. For 80 days, from June 17th until September 4th, digital artists based around the world have been taking us on a tour of what our world has become. On September 5th, the 81st day of our voyage, we will chart new maps of where our world is heading.

We are experiencing a new way of traveling around the world, not in 80+1 days, but in 80+1 minutes. Speed matters. Because crises spread quickly, social intelligence must spread quickly as well. Today, every one of us can use different tools to create and share mountains of information. But how can we manage the rhythm of our lives? How can we keep our digital properties safe and long-lasting? How can we define new rules to maximise creativity in our rapid social evolution? David Sasaki

And of course there is a 80+1 Twitter stream and an Arscloud Twitter stream.
One of the participants of the symposium is Anders Sandberg, who reviewed his own contribution on his blog, his slides are on Slideshare.

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