Computer Repair Flowchart

Via Boing-boing

It is nice to view the Flowchart, but there is more in it. Like the reference to the original website on computer repair diagnostics by Morris Rosenthal. And from there you’ll find the abridged version of his book, where Rosenthal explains about how to read flowcharts and elaborates on the art of diagnosis:

Diagnosis is an art. There’s no point in having the world’s leading brain surgeon poking around in your skull if the problem is with your liver.
(…) The most experienced techs are sometimes some of the
worst diagnosticians, because they’re overconfident in their
troubleshooting abilities. (…) You should always approach
each new problem with an open mind and look at the most basic
possibilities before jumping to conclusions.

The flowchart on his website is also interactive, so you can switch from the chart to the text and back.

And, from a comment by Therevengor: there is also a computer-repairflowchart for dummies.

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