House Cleaning

That was avery long suspension of my Second Life citizenship. My last post here is from june last year, however I did visit SL a while ago, but only a few minutes.

Now, Linden Labs is about to charge me for another year’s subscription and I thought it might be a good idea to look around to make a well balanced decision. Hm, my house was still there, but what a mess! My neighbours had raised their land, and that influences also the height of my terrain. Unfortunately, the house itself didn’t raise, so my door was buried halfway the virtual soil. It took me some sweeping (i.e editing, lowering and flattening the land) to have my property back the way I left it.

Finally! Now I had some time to visit some well-known places, places that were the reason for me to investigate the metaverse of Second Life: Black Sun and Uvvy.
Both were gone. I mean: they were still there but it was now only property to be sold:

This is the Black Sun….

…and this Uvvy Island
I felt betrayed 🙁
Dublin? It was still there, but also unrecognizable

Hey, who moved my cheese?
Well… they keep moving the cheese, don’t they; so you have to look for new cheese: The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese.
Now I teleported back home. I’ll have to think about it.

Maybe Twinity? I’ve been there when it was just released, but since I hardly had time for Second Life, I could not find time to visit Third Life either. I fired up the Twinity client: first I had to download a lòòòòòt of updates and patches, and after that I had to agree with new Terms of Service. But: they had a virtual Berlin! Interesting town, so I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Still not as beautiful as Second Life but maybe it can offer a good competition. I have one month to renew my subscription – or to downgrade my Second Life-account to a free account. What is there to lose? Only my land, which is a burden when my neighbours keep editing theirs. Cleaning out the house is a Real Life thing.

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