Benefits of Red Wine

8 Straight Benefits of Red Wine – Dumb Little Man:

This link suggests your health benefits by drinking red wine. That’s good, because I like to drink a glass or two daily. However, the article doesn’t mention the benefits of Resveratrol, a strong anti-aging agent. But…to get enough Resveratrol you should drink several hundreds of glasses red wine, which is, of course absurd.

You can also get resveratrol from grape juice. Also it is said that red wine now contains only about one-tenth the amount of reservatrol as was formerly the case, because of the use of pesticides.

However, wines or grape juice, if you believe the claims about the influence of resveratrol on longevity, you probably should take resveratrol supplements.

Pills on the mar­ket are labelled as con­tain­ing from less than 5 mg to as
much as 250 mg of res­ver­a­trol in its ac­tive form. Even that is around
one-sixth what an aver­age-weight per­son would have to take dai­ly to get
doses com­pa­ra­ble to those used in mouse life-extension stud­ies. But many
users are sat­is­fied with tak­ing smaller amounts in or­der to play it safe
and save mon­ey.

One brand of pills hawked on the In­ter­net as con­tain­ing “youth-pro­longing” mo­le­cules has a cu­ri­ous dis­tinc­tion. More information..

The most interesting articles on Resveratrol and red wine are at the Science and Reason Blog by Charles Daney.

I’ll read them while drinking a glass filled with a beautiful red wine. Celebrating life and hoping it will last forever.

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