Connotea is closing

Connotea,’s social bookmarking site, is closing on March 12th, 2013. Bad News? I don’t think so, because there are a lot of bookmarking tools, and the world of the internet is changing rapidly. So: in the beginning you simply bookmarked inside your browser. AFAIK you can still do that with most browsers, but who […]


I found this pic on FaceBook, posted by Martin Ciupa. Interesting, because “Geek” is the fist syllable of the word, so I followed the link to Urban Dictionary: a geek punk is a new steriotypical genre, usually one who dosent want to be emo/goth or anything like that. they usually listen to any kind of […]

Earth-Size Alien Planet at Alpha Centauri in Science Fiction.

This week the discovery of the closest earth-like exoplanet ever seen was announced. The star system closest to our own sun hosts a planet with roughly Earth’s mass and may harbor other alien worlds as well, a new study reports. Astronomers detected the alien planet around the sunlike star Alpha Centauri B, which is part […]

Get your free copy of Arc 1.3: Afterparty Overdrive

It is now more than a week ago that Arc announced the third volume of their sciencefiction magazine on their website: The wait is over. Arc 1.3: Afterparty Overdrive is out now – and it won’t cost you a penny. This time out, we’re taking a look at the future of pleasure: from robot music […]

The Olomouc Astronomical Clock

This summer I visited some Central European countries, like Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. I’ve had my portion of culture there, I visited a lot of churches and enjoyed the finest food. But the biggest surprise was in the city Olomouc, when having a cup of coffee on the main square, where I was […]

Why are online articles so expensive?

George Dvorsky wrote an article for did life on other planets originate from earth? He describes the study by Edward Belbruno, Amaya Moro-Martin, Renu Malhotra, Dmitry Savransky: “Chaotic exchange of solid material between planetary systems: implications for lithopanspermia” I’m not sure about the soundness of the conclusion (the possibility of lithopanspermia, a kind of […]

Repetitive task-management

I found an old but nice post about Geeks and repetitive tasks by Jon Udell. It starts with quoting a Google+ post by Bruno Oliveira. The other day Tim Bray tweeted a Google+ item entitled Geeks and repetitive tasks along with the comment: “Geeks win, eventually.” Here’s the chart posted on Google+ by Bruno Oliveira: […]

The Jedi Code

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki The Jedi Code was a code of conduct that established rules and modes of behavior for all Jedi. Although changing in style through the generations, the main tenets, context and meaning of the code stayed the same. One of the key portions of the Code was a five-line mantra. […]

Massive Open Online Courses

Here is an interesting infographic about MOOCs: Massive Open Online Classes. I am a teacher myself, but I know that most of my students learn a lot from YouTube videos, where people explain how they play a certain song on their guitar or keyboard. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and put some instruction videos […]

The Fiction to Reality Timeline.

Via: Hashem AL-ghaili

  • The Aesthetics and Beauty of Knowledge

    Shih was the opposite of facts and raw information; shih was the elegance of knowledge, the insight and skill to organize knowledge into meaningful patterns. As an artist chooses colours or light to make her pictures, a master of shih chooses textures of knowledge – various ideas, myths, abstractions, and theories – to create a way of seeing the world. The aesthetics and beauty of knowledge – this was shih.

    – David Zindell, The Broken God, 1993

  • Geek Attitude

    The attitude thing is about flexibility, portability, creativity, sociability and jamming (ran out of suitable “ity” words!). It’s about improvising – in the practical and musical senses of the word; not getting tangled in boundaries and the “right” way to do things.
    Definitely the only way to travel.
    Martin Delaney – “Laptop Music”.