Collaborate with TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki, the revolutionary javascript wiki, has been the subject of a lot of posts on this blog. It is a non-linear, personal notebook. It runs entirely in your browser, best with Firefox, and from a thumb drive, without installation. However, you can also have a TW on the web, at TiddlySpot.
Of course I have my place there, although I haven’t done very much with it until now.
The TiddlyWiki script has been used for several other thing than only note-taking, e.g. for Getting Things Done. Also other implementations have been tried. Now there is TiddlySpace, the web-based TiddlyWiki for collaboration.

TiddlySpace lets you create notebooks on the web for any purpose:
• keeping track of things you’ve got to do
• sharing your thoughts about a topic
• working on the outline of a novel or the lyrics to a song
Groups can share these notebooks to work together. Notebooks can also include content from other notebooks, so people can create new things by building on the work of others.

TiddlySpace is a platform for intellectual discourse that allows people to build their own universe of understanding that interlinks with those of other individuals.
People can discover material of interest through searching and following other users. They can curate, comment and adapt material from others on their own spaces.
TiddlySpace promotes asymmetric collaboration where everyone publishes their work continuously as a matter of course, making it available for others who can then choose to collaborate through commenting or adapting.
This style of working has been explored by the scientific community as Open Notebook Science

I found out about this feature at the TiddlyWiki mailinglist, where someone pointed my attention to a collaboration project on songwriting.

Interesting. Again, I created my own TiddlySpace, not having any idea yet about the project I will start up.

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