Skype plugin causes crash with TiddlyWiki.

Damn, I’m an avid TiddlyWiki user; I have one TW as a notebook, one for writing down my dreams, one to make special notes on productivity and, most important, I use TW d3 for GTD.
Now, since I upgraded Firefox to version 3 my favourite browser crashes when I try to load one of my TW’s, while they work fine with Google Chrome, Opera and even with M$’s Explorer!
Firefox keeps apologizing with their “This is embarrassing”-message, but when I open one of my TW’s in the portable Firefox there is no problem at all.
So, time for a quick search on Google, and the first hit, the JLog website gave the answer: the Skype plugin is the cause of all misery. After I uninstalled the plugin, Firefox opened TW d3 without any problem.
So, the folks at Skype have to apologize humbly to Firefox, TiddlyWiki and all TW-users in the world for writing bad software and offer it to the community of confident Skype-users. And, of course fix the problem as soon as possible.

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